Abstractions of 2017

The silence has gone on long enough. The year is flying by and along with it, the last remnants of whatever sanity left in the political landscape. Things are indeed depressing. Ideas change, visions of hope are offered, but not a lot happens to make the changes necessary for us to sleep comfortably at night. Although we do, because the catastrophes that affect people far removed from the proximity of our lives, are not our concern. The diminishing world, is not our problem. Not right now anyway.

Apart from those things swirling in and around the heads of the people behind this blog, there has also been that awful matter of the perfunctory slog in the office, demanding unnecessary amounts of attention, making time for anything enjoyable almost entirely bereft.

Bereft, but for a few abstractions, displayed below. The aim is to get this going again, with new discussions on a subject that aims, though not always successfully, to communicate without violence.

For now, here are some of our abstractions describing the year thus far.


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