Brighton Degree Show

There is currently a fantastic selection of artwork on exhibition by students at Brighton University. Wasn’t expecting to see this standard as the work last year wasn’t anywhere near as good. Glad the visit was made though… here’s what we saw:


WP_20160611_12_51_15_Pro WP_20160611_12_51_59_Pro WP_20160611_12_53_38_Pro WP_20160611_12_54_23_Pro WP_20160611_12_55_09_Pro


WP_20160611_13_04_39_Pro WP_20160611_13_03_40_Pro WP_20160611_13_04_26_Pro


WP_20160611_13_10_09_Pro WP_20160611_13_11_20_Pro WP_20160611_13_12_47_Pro WP_20160611_13_22_36_Pro


WP_20160611_13_59_08_Pro WP_20160611_13_51_48_Pro WP_20160611_13_52_24_Pro WP_20160611_13_52_47_Pro WP_20160611_13_53_37_Pro WP_20160611_13_56_32_Pro


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