MA Degree Shows at the Royal Academy and the Slade

Having been to degree shows in the past we knew what to expect, however, we were not expecting the amount of similar work we encountered especially when it came to painting. At the Slade, we were welcomed by strange circular balls, covered in red material, snaking in and out of the basement windows. Then upon entering the main space, which is perhaps more amazing than some of the art work, with spiral stair cases centered here and there, we were challenged by spooky cacephonic sounds, thus adding the relevant effect necessary for any work to stand out, because of course, we needed that extra stimuli. Having said all this, both the shows at the RA and the Slade were interesting, with a few bits that really stood out (photos below). Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to jot down specific details about the work but rest assured, any artist having been to either of these institutions, won’t be hard to find.

The Slade 2015 MA Show:

WP_20150614_13_49_20_Pro WP_20150614_13_49_37_Pro WP_20150614_13_50_27_Pro WP_20150614_13_51_29_Pro WP_20150614_13_51_36_Pro WP_20150614_13_53_35_Pro WP_20150614_13_59_05_Pro WP_20150614_13_59_16_Pro

The Royal Academy 2015 Schools Show:

WP_20141125_05_38_40_Pro WP_20141125_05_40_43_Pro WP_20141125_05_41_05_Pro WP_20141125_05_41_40_Pro WP_20141125_05_42_01_Pro WP_20141125_05_43_26_Pro WP_20141125_05_43_34_Pro


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