Taus Makhacheva’s ‘Vababai Vadadai!’

Taus Makhacheva’s solo show ‘Vababai Vadadai’ which opened last night at Narrative Projects is an exploration of history and identity. Her interest takes on an anthropological stance in that it investigates social relationships within communities. Sourced from her native cultural background of Dagestan her work reproduces dazzling and intriguing elements of everyday life, with careful reconstructions, she composes a cultural patchwork of contemporary society in the Caucasus. In her videos and performance works Makhacheva fuses artistic practice with insightful research.

Taus Makhacheva Vababai Vadadai! 140415 - 300515 Taus Makhacheva Vababai Vadadai! 140415 - 300515

Makhacheva studied at Goldsmiths, then at the Royal Academy. Below is a brief synopsis of her practice.

Questioning the unstable boundary between same and other, acceptance and rejection, drawing attention to our efforts to merge, mimic, assimilate or leak into the other, no matter whether it is another person or another community – natural or social, rural or urban, real or imagined. This is one of the leitmotifs in the work of Taus Makhacheva, artist with Russian citizenship, a western education and Dagestani (Northern Caucasian) ethnic roots. In her projects, Makhacheva traces and questions various traditional and contemporary modes for appropriating space and communicating with the natural, the man-made, the animal, the machine, the social and the historical.

Taus Makhacheva is currently in residency at Delfina Foundation in London.


Royal Academy

Narrative Projects Press release


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